Homework And Its Benefits: A Brief Overview

Even though kids may not understand why homework is important, parents and teachers are aware that it fills the gap between school and home. Moreover, it helps the child develop working habits, learn how to think, increase intelligence and work independently.

Professor Harris Cooper from Duke University was involved in five studies regarding the advantages and effects of homework on students. He says that those students who regularly do homework always have higher scores on tests.

Also, the older the students are, the more they benefit from homework. There are so many advantages, but we will try to point out the most important ones.

  • keep students engaged in their studies
  • revise the material
  • develop organizational skills
  • keep track of students’ progress
  • sense of responsibilty

Students Should be Engaged

Students are at school most of the day, but that is still not enough to keep them engaged in their studies. The work they do at home enables them to revise the material they learned throughout the day. Also, seeing the same content for the second time in a day makes them look at it with fresh eyes and understand things they didn’t immediately get.

Moreover, there are far less distractions at home than at school. Working at home also enables the parents to get involved in the child’s life and provide help if needed.

Children Should Learn how to Manage Time

Doing work at home equips children with organizational skills. They learn how to properly manage their time and what is a priority. All these skills will come useful in life, work and higher levels of education. If the child learns to do homework from young age it will become a habit, and it won’t develop intolerance towards obligations.

Teachers Should Keep Track of the Child’s Progress

Without looking at assignments from the students, teacher won’t be able to evaluate the student. If a student has problems with home assignments then the teacher will know to pay more attention to that student, or ask the parents to work with the student at home. Also, the assignments teach students about diligence and responsibility. Most of the times students are disciplined if they don’t have their assignment finished.

Students Should Learn to be Responsible

This is a great life lesson that every kid should learn. Home assignments teach that not everything in life is easy and great. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and do something not so interesting, so you can achieve something.